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Mar 19. 2021

2021 Holt Homes Floorplan Guide

Our 2021 New Home Guide showcases the wide variety of homes Holt offers. The guide puts a selection of our most popular homes at your fingertips, so you can explore the options and decide what you like best. From modest starter homes to larger-sized family homes, we have dozens of beautiful floor plans to choose from. Our handy New Home Guide highlights some of our homeowner favorites. Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect: The 1833–"The ...

Mar 10. 2021

Top New Home Design Trends for 2021

10 ideas from our design center partners to inspire your new home. If you've been thinking about a new home, you've probably seen lots of different home styles, designs, and trends. We understand it can be overwhelming! That's why we've put together an easy guide of the Top Home Design Trends for 2021*. The Holt Homes Design Team is always on the lookout for the newest trends, and how to best incorporate them into our homes. Trends are a great ...