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Jun 30. 2022

The Homeowner's Guide to Floor Care

Maintaining Your Floor's Appearance and Integrity One of the most satisfying aspects of owning a newly constructed home is those fresh, unblemished floors. But even homes containing the most-high quality and durable flooring can start to see the wear of daily life over time. Luckily, you can easily preserve your floor's appearance and integrity for years to come with proper and regular care. Let's break down some of the best methods for ...

Jun 29. 2022

Maintaining Your Drywall & Paint

Maintaining Your Drywall & Paint There's something so special about that first year in a brand-new Holt home. That crisp smell, those shiny new floors, the ultra-soft carpets, and, of course, those freshly painted walls…wait… is that a crack?   Fret not. Just when you're finally starting to relax into your new surroundings, so is your home, and it'll show in a process called “settling”. Cracks and flaws in drywall and paint are par for the ...

Mar 30. 2022

It's That Time of Year...To Think About Yard Work

It's that time of year again! Longer daylight hours, warming temperatures and buds opening on plants mean spring is nearly upon us. Is your green thumb ready to get to work? We've asked our Senior Vice President of Land Development, Mike Loomis, for some best tips for making your outdoor space stand out. Here's what we learned: How to Get a Green, Lush Lawn With your lawns starting to push growth, it is a great time to start adding fertilizer ...

Jan 07. 2022

Keeping Plants Healthy Through PNW Winters

Beautiful plants are one of the best ways to make your house feel more like home. A well-cared-for collection of plants is a great addition to décor any time of the year - but you're not alone if your happy houseplants seem a little less happy during the winter. While our summers are plant heaven, our winters mean a lot less sun and a lot more dry heat. That is why we have reached out to Potted in Portland, an incredible local business, and our ...

Dec 09. 2021

Top Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Baby, it's cold outside! And, if you're not careful, the chill will get inside as well. That's why home winterization is so important. Not only will it keep you cozy inside, but it will also help your home run smoothly, which can minimize utility bills. It's also one of the key responsibilities of being a new homeowner that often gets overlooked. At Holt Homes, we want to equip our homeowners with the tools they need to keep their new home ...

Oct 07. 2021

3 Tips to Maintain Your Rug

Rug maintenance is vital to maintaining good air quality in your home, reducing odors, and lengthening the lifespan of your rug. Follow these 3 tips to maintain your rug and your overall space from our local friends Atiyeh Bros., Oregon's Rug and Carpet Experts since 1900.  Tip 1: Vacuum your rug Experts recommend vacuuming your rug once a week to remove loose soil, dust, and debris. Home odors are often caused by dust, debris, and soil landing ...