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How to Properly Care for Your Home Appliances


One of the many great things about moving into a Holt home is getting to enjoy those new, shiny appliances! And while appliances are not covered under your home warranty, most are covered under generous manufacturer warranties and can enjoy a long and prosperous life with the right care. Even better, most appliances don’t require more than a few minutes of routine maintenance to keep them functioning properly! 

If you’re ever unsure what the right maintenance procedures are, it’s never a bad idea to check your manufacturer's manual for specific details on each unit. But for now, here are some basics for each of your appliances in your Holt home!

Registering Your Appliances

First things first, if you haven’t registered your appliances be sure to do so ASAP to activate the manufacturer's warranty.

Your 2-10 Maintenance Manual (the one with the orange cover) also includes a section where you can write down your manufacturer, model and serial number for each appliance. This can save you a ton of time if you ever need to troubleshoot or coordinate a repair!

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Refrigerator & Freezer

If you are shopping for a new refrigerator (which is not an included appliance in your Holt Home), be sure to measure the area where you’ll be placing it before ordering. You can find great deals on refrigerators and freezers combos online or at an appliance store in your area. 

While purchasing your fridge, keep in mind that you’ll want to time the delivery for after your move-in date, as you won’t be able to store the unit in your home until you receive the keys. 

Once your machine arrives, it’s recommended to clean the floors where the unit will go, as well as have a professional install it for you. This can help prevent any denting, scratching, or floor damage from the installation.  

For maintenance, be sure to clean out your fridge and freezer gently with manufacturer-approved materials at least once every three to four months to help maximize freshness. You’ll also want to routinely check the back of your machine to ensure no leaks are occurring. 

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Washer & Dryer    

If you are also planning on purchasing a new washer and dryer, make sure you measure your laundry room area. Reminder: plan for the delivery to occur after your move-in date!

For maintenance, regularly check the drain line in the back of your machines to ensure everything is properly secured and no leaks are occurring. To keep your washer fresh, we recommend starting the cleaning cycle at least once a week or bi-weekly, depending on how often you use it. 

For your dryer, make sure to clean out your lint trap before each cycle.  Don't forget to check your wall to see if you have a duct filter (a little grey box with a hinge opening), you’ll want to clean that out at least once a week too. And it’s also wise to have a professional inspect/clean your dryer exhaust vents at least once per year to remove any debris and prevent a potential fire hazard.

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Gas stovetops are considered one of the most accurate options for temperature regulation, as they offer much more responsive heat control. Meanwhile, electric cooktops also growing in popularity and offer many benefits. The type you have will depend on your location. To properly operate either type of stovetop in your Holt home check the manufacturer instructions for your unit. 

As for cleaning, clean your burners and grates carefully after each use (once it’s cooled) with hot water and manufacturer-approved materials. 

For your oven, it’s best to give it a proper cleaning every three months, or if you smell burning or smoke when in use. Using only manufacturer-approved materials, wash the inside and outside of the door, the racks, as well as the interior of the oven. Some ovens have a self-cleaning mode, which could be used in place of a cleaner depending on how much grime has built up. 

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Your furnace should require very little maintenance throughout its life, but it’s crucial to keep the area around it clear to allow plenty of room for ventilation. It’s also important to note that, condensation might accumulate in the water pan below in rare instances. If this happens, give us a call. It could be a sign that the unit is regulating itself due to an issue. 

Don’t panic about the water level, the unit is designed to automatically shut off, so accumulation doesn’t continue. Our customer care team will be able to instruct you on how to approach the situation.

Garbage Disposal 

The easiest way to clean your garbage disposal is by first blitzing a bunch of ice cubes, then sprinkling a half cup of baking soda, followed by one cup of white vinegar, and allowing it to fizz for a few minutes. Then, simply pour hot water down the drain. Alternatively, you can use a manufacturer-approved cleaning pod.

In the event of a power outage, you may need to reset your garbage disposal using the small button on the bottom of your disposal. If your machine clogs, some units have a slot next to the reset button where you can insert and turn a small Allen wrench to manually work the blades back and forth and dislodge the blockage. 

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Aside from regular cleaning of the glass plate and the inside of your microwave, be sure to remove the vent filter from the bottom of the unit and give that a good scrub to remove any grease or grime build-up. We recommended cleaning your microwave and vent filter at least once every few months to keep it working efficiently.  


When it comes to dishwashers, it’s important to remember that not all dish drying and rinse aids are made equal. So, when in doubt, check the packaging before purchasing to ensure the product has been approved for your model and manufacturer.

Cleaning your dishwasher every month or so can help prevent build-up and will help maximize your machine’s efficiency. To do this, clean out the filter from the floor of your unit just below the bottom spray arm, clean off any food or grime, and wipe down the spray arms, door, and seals. 

Pro-Tip: Before you start your dishwasher, run your disposal under warm water for a few seconds to help maximize efficiency!

water heater 

Holt Homes offers two types of water heater options - those with a tank and those without. Either version will be located in your garage. If you have a water heater with a tank, it’s important to clean the filter at least once a year by removing it, rinsing it off, and putting it back in. 

For both types, you will find various water shut-offs that allow you to stop water from flowing through your pipes. This can be handy if you are installing a new water feature in your home. 

Both types of units also come with an away/vacation mode. If you are planning to leave your home for a prolonged period of time, you can use this setting to help conserve energy during your trip - just remember to turn it back to its normal setting once you return! 

Home appliances are designed to help make life easier, so taking care of them properly can help you achieve a stress-free homeowner lifestyle. Performing regular maintenance on each appliance is crucial, as it will save you time and money in the long run. It will also help ensure your manufacturer's warranty can be used in the event of a malfunction. Also, most warranties do not cover damage due to neglect. Another reason it’s important to stay on top of your homeowner responsibilities. 

Overall, the best thing you can do for each of your appliances is register them with their manufacturer and check warranty specifics before performing any maintenance.

And, as always, if you ever have questions about your Holt home, be sure to consult your homeowner booklets, check out our other articles in the blog, or contact our customer care team at (360) 892-0514.


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