It's That Time of Year...To Think About Yard Work

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It's that time of year again! Longer daylight hours, warming temperatures and buds opening on plants mean spring is nearly upon us.Mike Loomis, Senior Vice President of Land Development

Is your green thumb ready to get to work? We've asked our Senior Vice President of Land Development, Mike Loomis, for some best tips for making your outdoor space stand out. Here's what we learned:

How to Get a Green, Lush Lawn

With your lawns starting to push growth, it is a great time to start adding fertilizer and lime to your turf areas.

For a deeper green, utilize a formulation with higher iron content, but ensure that precipitation is in the forecast, as higher iron formulations can burn the lawn without water. To reduce the chance of burning the lawn, a spring/starter, slow-release formulation is the safest bet.

Once mid-late spring warmer temperatures arrive, you may also consider an application of weed control in the lawn areas. To achieve the greatest success, consult with your landscape professional on timing and optimal weather conditions.

Lush green lawn in backyard

Smart Irrigation Moves

With seasonal changes, you'll need to make sure that your landscape's irrigation needs are being met. For starters, you'll need to locate all of your irrigation heads and boxes.

For the irrigation heads, make sure that all are fully exposed (remove bark, sod and soil) and raise slightly above ground if necessary. If there is a planting conflict that will disrupt the coverage, perform minor pruning to clear the way. Now, you or your landscape professional are ready to start-up, inspect and adjust your system!

Plants 101

To keep your plants looking (and feeling) like a million bucks, start with fertilizing and do some minor pruning. The fertilizer will provide nutrients to encourage growth and full bloom for flowering plants.

With active growth underway and in an effort to preserve flowering, pruning should be generally limited to the odd, in-the-way or overly dense branching patterns. Sucker growth and more significant pruning may be performed in the summer and dormant seasons respectively.

Lastly, get ahead of the weeds by removing evident weeds (by hand or spot-spraying) and if you prefer chemical control, apply pre-emergent to all planting areas. Regarding the latter, avoid new, perennials, bulb or sensitive plantings. When in doubt seek out your landscape professional.

Front yard with plants


With a little planning and effort now, your outdoor living space will be ready to enjoy throughout the season.

Thanks Mike, for the tips! Now it's time to hit the nursery for some plants and the hardware store for lawn-care supplies. Dust off your gardening gloves, so you'll be able to enjoy your outdoor oasis when warm weather is here to stay.


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