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Jan 07. 2022

Keeping Plants Healthy Through PNW Winters

Beautiful plants are one of the best ways to make your house feel more like home. A well-cared-for collection of plants is a great addition to décor any time of the year - but you're not alone if your happy houseplants seem a little less happy during the winter. While our summers are plant heaven, our winters mean a lot less sun and a lot more dry heat. That is why we have reached out to Potted in Portland, an incredible local business, and our ...

Apr 20. 2021

The Tax Benefits of Homeownership

Ah, tax season. It's a time of reflection, a time of organization, and for some lucky folks, it can be a time for celebration. We all want to come out ahead when we do our taxes, and it may surprise you to know that owning a home can benefit you when it comes to tax time. First of all, we always recommend that you consult a tax professional in all tax-related matters. But, we can tell you that there are some potential tax perks to owning a home ...