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May 01. 2024

7 Essential Tips for Starting a Thriving Backyard Garden This Season

How to Start a Garden in Your Backyard & Patio If fall and winter beckon you to enjoy plenty of cozy nesting indoors, then spring and summer beg you to get outside and make the most of your backyard or patio. Have you started your garden yet? Now’s the time to get those hands in the dirt! But before you start digging, spend even a penny at the nursery, or put any plants in the ground consider these tips to make sure you enjoy a bountiful ...

Apr 26. 2024

Temporary Rate Buydown: A Homebuyer's Guide to Lower Monthly Payments

Are you in the market for a new home but worried about the high monthly payments that come with a mortgage? A temporary rate buydown could be the solution you need. It's a savvy financial strategy that's gaining traction among homebuyers looking to ease the initial financial burden of homeownership. Let's break down what this strategy entails and how it can benefit you during the crucial first years in your new home. Understanding Temporary Rate ...

Mar 20. 2024

7 Spring Design Trends to Refresh Your Space

Spring is a time of new beginnings; it signals a shift towards lighter, brighter, and more vibrant spaces. It is the perfect time to introduce refreshing changes in your home that mirror the changes of nature outside. From the infusion of natural light to the selection of energetic color palettes, explore the latest spring design trends to revitalize your living space and welcome the season of renewal and inspiration. Curves: Softening Your ...

Mar 09. 2024

Women in Construction Week 2024

In the world of construction, the spotlight often shines on physical structures, blueprints, and materials, but behind the scaffolding and site maps are the remarkable women of Holt Homes. This Women in Construction Week, we're not just tipping our hard hats off to them; we're taking an inside look at the steel-like strength and innovative vision they contribute to the industry. Celebrating Women in Construction March is Women’s History Month, ...

Jan 30. 2024

Your Introduction to GreenMarbles Smart Home Tech

GreenMarbles Smart Home Tech brings convenience and security into your new home. At Holt Homes, we're excited to integrate GreenMarbles technology into every new home. Managing your home is made simple with their Brilliant Control Panel. From temperature control to advanced home security, GreenMarbles ensures your home is not only convenient but also secure and energy-efficient. The Brilliant Control Panel The Brilliant Control Panel is the ...

Sep 27. 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Upcoming New Construction Communities in the Pacific Northwest

Embrace the Pacific Northwest Lifestyle in a Holt Homes Community Your options for where to put down roots in the Pacific Northwest just got better! The Holt team has been hard at work expanding our catalog of communities to bring a variety of new home options to Oregon and Southwest Washington. Get ready for the unveiling of these exciting neighborhoods, where you’ll discover debut floorplans, scenic locations, and amenities you won’t want to ...