Top 10 Tips on How to Get to Know Your Neighbors

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Creating Lasting Connections with Your Neighbors

Moving into a new home brings many exciting opportunities, but getting to know your neighbors can sometimes feel intimidating. We understand that meeting new people and making a good first impression might seem overwhelming. However, building connections with your neighbors doesn't have to be a stressful experience—it can actually be fun and rewarding, like a neighborhood block party! To help you navigate the process, we've gathered the top 10 tips for getting to know your neighbors after a move:

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1. Start with a Friendly Wave and Smile

A simple wave and smile can go a long way in letting your neighbors know that you're friendly and approachable. Take a moment to make eye contact and greet them with a warm hello. Remember, making a positive first impression is the first step to building connections.

2. Knock on Their Door and Introduce Yourself

If you've already exchanged waves and smiles, take the next step and introduce yourself in person. Head over to your neighbor's door, work up a little courage, and say a friendly "Hi, I'm John. I recently moved in and wanted to say hello." This simple gesture can open the door to future conversations and interactions.


3. Be the Goodie-Bearer

If knocking on your neighbor's door feels a bit daunting, brighten their day by bringing a small gift. Bake some cookies, cupcakes, or bread, and offer them as a friendly gesture. 

Pro-tip: If you intend to have a garden, share your future fresh produce with your neighbors. It's a thoughtful way to maintain the neighborly relationship you've already established.

4. Seek Advice and Recommendations

To break the ice with your neighbors, ask for their advice or recommendations. Need a reliable landscaper? Ask which one your neighbor uses. Looking for the best pizza in town? Your neighbor might have the ultimate pizza fix for your cravings. Asking questions shows genuine interest and can lead to engaging conversations.

Pro-tip: Boost your neighborhood connection by starting a group chat! It's an easy and convenient way to stay in the loop with your neighbors, share important info, and build a stronger sense of community.


5. Offer a Helping Hand

Keep an eye out for chances to lend a helping hand to your neighbors. If you see someone moving in, offer a hand with those heavy boxes. Feel free to ask if you can help bring in groceries for a neighbor, or offer your skills for any small tasks that you feel confident tackling. Acts of kindness like these can truly forge strong connections and make your neighborhood feel like a tight-knit community.


6. Take Leisurely Walks in the Neighborhood

Explore your new neighborhood by going on leisurely walks. Say hello and strike up conversations with people you meet along the way. Engage in friendly chats, ask about their projects or even their pets. Remember to share your name and let them know where you live to further foster connection.

Pro-tip: Let your dog be a conversation starter! Take advantage of your pet's social nature to start conversations with your neighbors. While out on a walk, your dog may attract attention and lead to conversations about breeds, names, or general pet-related topics. Always be considerate of your neighbor's comfort level. And, don't forget to clean up after your dog. 

7. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere in Your Front Yard

Make your presence known by spending time in your front yard. Whether it's relaxing on your covered porch, gardening, or hanging outside while your kids are on their bikes, being outdoors can signal to your neighbors that you're open to conversation and connection. Wave and say hello when someone passes by.

Pro-tip: If you live in an alley-loading home, some Holt homeowners some have hosted neighborhood outdoor movie nights where they gather in their front yard with a projector. It's the perfect way to celebrate summer in the PNW.


8. Get Involved in Neighborhood Activities and Meetings

Stay informed about neighborhood activities and attend meetings, block parties, or gatherings whenever possible. Active participation provides opportunities to connect with fellow residents who share a common interest in the community. Building connections with your neighbors becomes easier when you're part of the neighborhood's social fabric.

Pro-tip: Make the most of community facilities such as clubhouses, playgrounds, sports courts and swimming pools. These wonderful amenities offer you a chance to bond with your fellow residents and spark friendships.

9. Accompany Your Kids to the Bus Stop or Community Park

If you have school-aged children, walk them to the bus stop during the first few days of school. This presents an opportunity to meet other parents and engage in conversations about school and the neighborhood. Additionally, take your kids to other kid friendly places outside your immediate neighborhood where they can make new friends, enhancing your own networking possibilities.


10. Host a Housewarming Party

Invite your immediate neighbors to a housewarming party as a way to get to know them better. Keep it casual and relaxed—a perfect opportunity for conversation and connection. Use the occasion to tour your new home with your neighbors and ask for their decorating suggestions.

Pro-tip: If large gatherings aren't your thing, host a small dinner. Invite your neighbors over for a casual dinner. Keep it simple and consider any dietary restrictions or allergies. If cooking makes you nervous, try doing a charcuterie style meal.


Remember, building relationships takes time and effort. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't happen overnight. By implementing these tips and being open to new experiences, you'll soon find yourself with a network of friendly and supportive neighbors. Take the first step, and let's create a welcoming community together.

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