Your Introduction to GreenMarbles Smart Home Tech

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GreenMarbles Smart Home Tech brings convenience and security into your new home.

At Holt Homes, we're excited to integrate GreenMarbles technology into every new home. Managing your home is made simple with their Brilliant Control Panel. From temperature control to advanced home security, GreenMarbles ensures your home is not only convenient but also secure and energy-efficient.



The Brilliant Control Panel

The Brilliant Control Panel is the central hub for controlling your smart devices. The 5-inch in-wall touchscreen allows you to adjust lighting, temperature, security settings, music, and more from one place. You can also control the panel and all connected devices from the Brilliant app on your smartphone or by voice commands. The intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone in the family to use.




person checking their phone to review ring camera


Ring Video Doorbell Pro 

Get alerts when someone is at your door and see live video on your phone or Brilliant Control Panel. Speak to visitors with two-way talk even if you're miles away. With night vision, motion detection alerts and HD video, you'll always know what's happening at your front door.





person sitting on couch changing the temperature of their home from their phone


Honeywell Smart Thermostat 

Stop wasting energy and money on heating/cooling an empty home. The thermostat intelligently adapts to your temperature preferences and schedule. Easily set the temp with your voice, smartphone, or the Brilliant Panel. Integrates with other smart devices for added control.




Kwikset-Halo-Smart-Lock (1)



Kwikset Halo Lock 

No more hiding keys for guests or worrying about lost keys. Lock and unlock your front door from your phone anywhere in the world. Create unique access codes for visitors or service providers so they can enter when needed. Check the lock status and view usage history for added peace of mind.




person holding a baby adjusting lighting form their phone


Brilliant Smart Plug 

Make any outlet in your home smart just by plugging in lamps, appliances or electronic devices. Turn electronics on/off from anywhere via the Brilliant app or panel. Set schedules, routines, and voice controls for total convenience. Reduce energy waste by powering off unused devices.





GreenMarbles' integrated smart home tech takes convenience, security, and efficiency to new heights in your Holt home. Contact us or check out GreenMarbles' website to learn more about these amazing features available in our communities




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*All selections subject to change depending on availability