Women in Construction Week 2024

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In the world of construction, the spotlight often shines on physical structures, blueprints, and materials, but behind the scaffolding and site maps are the remarkable women of Holt Homes. This Women in Construction Week, we're not just tipping our hard hats off to them; we're taking an inside look at the steel-like strength and innovative vision they contribute to the industry.

Celebrating Women in Construction

March is Women’s History Month, this week is Women in Construction Week, and today is International Women's day. We want to take this opportunity to recognize and celebrate the incredible contributions of the women on our team at Holt Homes. Women play a vital role in our company’s success, and we are proud to have a team that represents diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

These women are leaders, innovators, and trailblazers who have made a significant impact on our company and the construction industry as a whole.

We want to thank all of the amazing women who have contributed to our company's success. Your hard work, dedication, and passion are an inspiration to us all. 

nikki ponder 

nikki ponder 
Customer Care Coordinator

Our Customer Care Coordinators are the vital link between homeowners and warranty services. Nikki's dedication to addressing every concern with efficiency and care upholds our commitment to excellence post-construction.
Nikki's day-to-day responsibilities are pivotal in maintaining this bridge. She schedules appointments for Warranty Technicians and trade partners, facilitating the timely resolution of post-construction issues. Her adept handling of service calls demonstrates problem-solving abilities and a commitment to care-centered excellence.



nina le
Sales Transaction Manager 

Nina's leadership in managing up to 70 home sales a month is nothing short of conducting a symphony. Her attention to detail ensures a smooth transition from the excitement of a sale to the joy of a home closing. She doesn't just handle paperwork; she orchestrates a complex dance of details that transforms chaos into order.

Her days are packed with generating sales contracts, juggling communications between various parties, and ensuring that every "i" is dotted in the contract negotiation phase. With a finger on the pulse of each transaction, Nina ensures every deal moves forward without a hitch.


Masha Demyashkevich-2022-HIRES-38

masha Demyashkevich
senior manager product

Masha is the creative force propelling Holt Homes’ design excellence. Her expertise fuses innovative concepts with functionality to craft spaces that truly resonate with homeowners. Working alongside architecture and cross departments collaboratively, she's pivotal in steering our product designs toward distinction and appeal. Her vision not only shapes our homes but also enhances the way homeowners experience daily life at home, reflecting our commitment to building homes that are as beautiful as they are livable.


Ines Llosa
Land Development Project Manager

Ines embodies strategic planning and precision. She meticulously evaluates new land, preparing our projects to meet future challenges head-on. She leads the coordination of third-party studies and the preparation of development budgets and timelines, showcasing her ability to foresee project needs and orchestrate complex planning efforts. Moreover, Ines is instrumental in overseeing entitlement approvals, ensuring our projects comply with various regulations and standards. Her skill in coordinating with an array of consultants, from planners to landscape architects, underlines her exceptional capacity to manage diverse teams and bring visions to reality. 


Love Our Blueprint? Join the Crew!

Looking to join a team where your career is about more than blueprints and building? At Holt Homes, we're on the lookout for visionaries who share our dedication to excellence and creativity. We welcome both seasoned professionals and newcomers to help us create thriving communities. Check out our careers page, discover our values, and step forward to join our tradition of innovation. With us, your work is part of creating better places to live in the Pacific Northwest. 



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