Holt Homes: Built for the Pacific Northwest

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For more than three decades, Holt Homes has built new construction homes for families in Oregon and Southwest Washington. With our roots in land development, we're one of the the largest local home builders in the region.

As a developer and homebuilder, we can truly create a balanced approach in our neighborhoods ultimately enhancing the quality of life for the customers who choose us. We consider how each community will live as a whole -- from the unique character of the land in this region to the homes and amenities on it.


We believe that every homeowner should have an opportunity to make their house feel like their home by personalizing some of the main finishes in their space. Our long list of personalization options includes features like cabinetry, tiling, flooring, counters, plumbing fixtures, and exterior paint schemes. Our amazing team of design center partners bring this dream to life for each new project.


OUR approach to community BUILDING and BUYER PERSONALIZATION gives us a sense of purpose that shapes our mission: TO CREATE better places to live in the Pacific Northwest.

Our sales agents, superintendents, field teams, and design consultants are the true heart of Holt, guiding each homeowner through every step of the construction process with consideration and care.


At Holt, we focus on delivering on 4 foundational pillars: good land, good people, good service, good value.

We live here and work here, and many of our employees live in Holt communities. We love the beauty of the geography. The dynamics of the climate. The aesthetics of this region.


From the materials we choose to our people to our buyers, everything we do is specifically suited for the Pacific Northwest. So, we decided to just say it.

Holt Homes: Built For the Pacific Northwest.

We’re excited to share our new look and tagline which reflect what we’ve been doing here at Holt for the last three decades while better representing the community we strive to serve every day.

Pine trees in Pacific Northwest



About Holt Homes

For more than three decades, Holt Homes has built new construction homes for families in Oregon and Southwest Washington. The quality and experience of our people, the ease and efficiency of our approach, and the livability of our communities works hand-in-hand to make Holt Homes the largest locally-grown home builder in the region. For more information, live chat or call us at (371)-231-5560.

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