Keeping Plants Healthy Through PNW Winters

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Beautiful plants are one of the best ways to make your house feel more like home.

Plants on kitchen counter in new home by HoltA well-cared-for collection of plants is a great addition to décor any time of the year - but you're not alone if your happy houseplants seem a little less happy during the winter. While our summers are plant heaven, our winters mean a lot less sun and a lot more dry heat.

That is why we have reached out to Potted in Portland, an incredible local business, and our plant-partners during Street of Dreams, to help provide our homeowners with a few tips to help your indoor plants make it till spring!

Keep Leaves Clean

To help your houseplants capture the most sunlight during our winter months, keep leaves clean of dust. Wipe leaves gently with an old t-shirt, and for smaller leaves, like our favorite dracaenas, your fingers can do the trick! Better yet, give your plants a light showering in your tub!

Desk with plant in new home in WAshingtonReduce Watering

Many houseplants need less water in the winter months when photosynthesis is slower. Feel the soil between waterings and reduce the amount of water so the first few inches dry between visits. Add humidity for plants like ferns and calatheas, by finely misting throughout the winter.

Plant on bathroom counter in new model homePause on Fertilizing

Many plants do not need fertilizing during our winter months, so pause until you see signs of new growth. If your houseplants send out new leaves throughout winter (our shop monstera grows all year long) go ahead and use a gentle fertilizer at half strength - like Joyful Dirt’s Organic Houseplant Fertilizer.

SIgn and plants at Potted in Portland store2Cache Pots

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