3 Tips to Maintain Your Rug

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Rug maintenance is vital to maintaining good air quality in your home, reducing odors, and lengthening the lifespan of your rug. Follow these 3 tips to maintain your rug and your overall space from our local friends Atiyeh Bros., Oregon's Rug and Carpet Experts since 1900. 

Tip 1: Vacuum your rug

Vaccuum Your RugExperts recommend vacuuming your rug once a week to remove loose soil, dust, and debris. Home odors are often caused by dust, debris, and soil landing in your vents, on walls, and within rugs/carpeting. Vacuuming regularly helps reduce these odors. When you walk on your rugs the surface soil and dust stir up into the air you breathe. Removing these particles from your rugs keeps your air quality cleaner. Lastly, soil and debris in your rug create friction to the fibers when walked over. This friction gradually damages the fibers of your rug. Vacuuming the loose soil up will lengthen the life of your rug.

 Vacuum underneath furniture every few months to reduce the chance of moths that tend to hide underneath furniture legs and dark hidden places. 

Experts also recommend that a vacuum should contain a beater bar. The beater bar helps shake out soil and debris that is deeper in your rug. Some vacuums such as Rumbas do a good job getting surface soil and debris but don’t have the suction or beater bar to get soil and debris that is deeper within your rug. 

Tip 2: Properly clean up spills

Cleaning-glovesExperts see many rugs permanently damaged not from the spill but from how the spill was cleaned. Never use a bleaching agent on your rug or carpeting! 

Spills that are left on your rug or carpeting may attract moths. This will be a bigger problem for you down the road. Some moths feed on Keratin which is found in pet hair, food, and beverage spills. Making sure any spills are properly cleaned is important to keep moths away. 

Find a stain removal guide on cleaning up liquid and solid spills or call your local rug cleaning experts!

Tip 3: Professionally clean your rug

Over time your rug will collect soil and dirt deep within its fibers that a vacuum or home bath simply can’t get out. This soil can cause odors, attract moths and create friction that damages the fibers of your rug. Professional cleaning helps remove soil, dirt, and debris from deep within the rug. Experts recommend having your rug professionally cleaned every 3 – 5 years depending on the traffic your rug sees. Take your rug to a certified cleaner that will have extensive knowledge about your rug and how to clean it.

Holt-Homes-Street-of-Dreams.-Rug-1Following these 3 steps will help you get the most from your rug and your overall space! Keeping your rug clean can reduce air pollution, odors, and damage that might occur to your rug.



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